Developed an Order Processing Platform for the company to process millions of orders

By loong

Today I looked at the code I wrote before. I design an Order Processing Platform (OPP) for a compony, when I was a junior student. In fact, I seldom go to school. The system efficiently processed millions of commercial orders. I gonna tell you some story about this system.

OPP Architecture


This project included there main features on the follow.

  • Concurrency control
  • Horizontal scaling
  • Couchdb monitored, real-time order push
  • Convert the source orders into subsystem identifiable orders.
  • Cronjob statistical and repair
  • Verify order correctness and email notification
  • Processed synchronously in multiple systems
  • Processed asynchronously in multiple systems
  • Data interface, easy integration to other systems
  • Command line tool

Directory struct


Initially, the system was developed by Node.js and its feature was to listening to CouchDB and push orders to the company order center (OC). When I started as a project lead, I maintained it for a short time. The processing speed was overwhelming. Synchronizing ten thousand orders can take few hours to a whole day. At that time there were multiple merchant database, not concurrently processing, all merchant orders as a polling. But the system has a nice feature, such as a nice system interface.

Later, with the approval of the leader, I began to rebuild the system as project leader. After asking the leader’s opinion, the system does not need a beautiful interface, but needs to process orders efficiently. I decided to redevelop it using the Go language.