Developed an Order Processing Platform for the company to process millions of orders

Today I looked at the code I wrote before. I design an Order Processing Platform (OPP) for a compony, when I was a junior student. In fact, I seldom go to school. The system efficiently processed millions of commercial orders. I gonna tell you some story about this system.

OPP Architecture


This project included there main features on the follow.

Directory struct


Initially, the system was developed by Node.js and its feature was to listening to CouchDB and push orders to the company order center (OC). When I started as a project lead, I maintained it for a short time. The processing speed was overwhelming. Synchronizing ten thousand orders can take few hours to a whole day. At that time there were multiple merchant database, not concurrently processing, all merchant orders as a polling. But the system has a nice feature, such as a nice system interface.

Later, with the approval of the leader, I began to rebuild the system as project leader. After asking the leader’s opinion, the system does not need a beautiful interface, but needs to process orders efficiently. I decided to redevelop it using the Go language.