Clean my coffee machine again

By Loong

I bought a Nespresso coffee machine around November this year, and before that, I had bought an Illy Y.3.2 capsule coffee machine. There are three main considerations, one is that the illy capsule is expensive, the price is about twice as high as the Nespresso coffee capsule, and the other is to try different flavors of coffee.

I buy mainly Starbucks Nespresso coffee capsules, more sour, and fruity flavor is more prominent. Illy’s coffee is the strongest aroma. The Nespresso coffee machine was bought on a foreign trade e-commerce platform for about 700 yuan, which is cheaper than buying it on the official website. I think it’s worth it because the Starbucks capsule extracted Espresso was much better than I expected and more than expected. However, because it contrasts with illy’s deep roasting capsules, the strong aroma of illy coffee is far greater than Starbucks' Nespresso coffee capsules, if you add milk and make latte coffee.

The new machine is inevitably cleaned before use, so I cleaned my illy y3.2 coffee machine by the way. One of the main reasons I bought two capsule coffee machines is that the capsule coffee machine schedule is really convenient to use and clean! In order to avoid the coffee machine scale, and can be a less clean water tank, I usually use bottled pure water, even pure water is also a mineral bar. The coffee machine generally has a special set up to clean scale procedures, according to the instructions to perform on it. I specifically looked for the instruction manual and found the scale cleaning procedure instructions for the illy y3.2 coffee machine. I bought a scale cleaner specifically for coffee machines. If you do not take a closer look at the instructions, it is easy to misoperation, because the coffee machine only has two buttons, through the key time and the combination of keys, there will be the function of adjusting the temperature, regulating the amount of water. So I record this article can post parts of the instruction manual so that the next time you clean the coffee machine or adjust the water temperature can be found directly in the blog instead of looking through the instructions.