GSoC 2019 Coding Period Week 9

By Loong

Answer the previous question mentioned in the blog post.

How does type restrict the type of field that stores the property value?

Remove the type item in the Thing property type form. I’ve made some progress. I can get the information from a specific Thing property entity. It contains the field value and storage information. It means it doesn’t need to fill out the value of type in the bundle of the Thing property type. Here are several data examples of interfaces that are consistent with the Web Thing specification.

Example: Get all things


Example: Get a description of a Thing


Property resource

3.3 Property resource

A property resource represents a single property of a device. Some property resources may be read only and some may be writable. The value of a property can be retrieved with an HTTP GET request and updated with an HTTP PUT request.

Example: Get a property


Properties resource

3.2 Properties resource

A properties resource represents all the properties of a device. The value of all properties can be retrieved with an HTTP GET request.

Example: Get all properties