GSoC 2019 Coding Period Week 13

Submitted by steven on Sun, 08/25/2019 - 14:46

I made a video tutorial Build a Web of Things project using the WoT:API module. This video contains the entire process from enabling the module to lighting the LED. The main demonstration content is as follows:

  • Download the WoT:API module using composer
     composer require 'drupal/wotapi:1.x-dev' -vvv 
  • Enable all modules of the WOTAPI package.
  • Add thing type: Lamp
  • Manage fields >> Add field >> Thing property:Switch. 
    check: Create referenced entities if they don't already exist.
    check: OnOffProperty
  • Manage fields >> Add field >> Thing action: Toggle
  • Download the sandbox project Action example. This sandbox is not available for download by the composer, so use git clone to download it:
    git clone modules/custom/action_example 
  • Download the dependency package for the sandbox project:
    composer require ronanguilloux/php-gpio -vvv
  • Back to the Toggle field management page of Lamp:
    Check default value: toggle
  • Back to Structure >> Things >> Thing list >> add Thing: LampA >> Save
  • Open {site}/wotapi/things/, You can see the thing output of the json data
  • Copy the actions href of the links object.
  • Open the Postman:
    Request method:  POST 
    Request URL:  {site}/actions
    Authorization:  Basic Auth
    Content-Type: application/json
    Body:   '{"toggle":{}}'
  • Enable the basic_auth module
  • Insert the LED light in the position where the pin value is 17 in the raspberry pi. This blog has more information.
  • Click Postman Send to send the request.